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Winter Night Shelter

Rebuilding brokenness



The Dover Winter Night Shelter usually runs from December to the end of February each year. Previously

as a result of the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, eligible rough sleepers were accommodated in a local bed and breakfast property with local churches providing meals on a rota basis each night.

Those cooking meals were be provided with foil trays for meal portions and insulated delivery bags to keep meals warm so that they can be delivered firstly to the Outreach Centre and then by members of staff to the guests. Breakfasts were provided by our Sunrise Cafe.


With the help and involvement of Dover District Council, a grant for the full cost of the accommodation and much of our staff costs has been covered by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. This has been incredibly helpful in these uncertain times which continue to affect donations generally for the work we do.

This year we have taken on a property named Suffolk House which is now being used for the Winter Night Shelter and will be going forward. A huge amount of work has gone into getting Suffolk house ready for the night shelter this year with the various teams working together and getting the building into shape, as it was previously abandoned having suffered a large water leak greatly impacting the building, with the work has been conducted throughout the year Suffolk House is ready and accommodates up to 10 people, with a kitchen on each floor for the occupants to use as well as a communal area.

Housing Justice Quality Accreditation

Housing Justice Quality Accreditation

Our Winter Night Shelter has been awarded the Housing Justice Quality Mark accreditation of Excellent Practice Standard. This is the highest level of accreditation that they offer and it has been awarded to us in recognition of our commitment to serving those who find themselves homeless in the Dover area.


The Housing Justice Quality Mark is a set of quality standards designed to support and recognise Church and Community Night Shelters which achieve safe and effective practice.


The accreditation standards cover volunteer training, guest and volunteers’ health and safety standards and the referral process.



The following agencies are able to refer people to the Winter Night Shelter:

  • Housing Options at DDC

  • Police

  • Port of Dover Police

  • Porchlight

  • Servico

  • Forward Trust

  • NHS


The Winter Night Shelter is available to rough sleepers only. Referral does not automatically guarantee a place.

Report 2021 - 2022

Winter Night Shelter Report 2022 - 2023

Please click the PDF below to view the Winter Night Shelter 2022 - 2023 report.

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